Los Tananeos

A pledge for life

Natural Reserve

for their survival

depend on its forests

Native flora and fauna

A wealth

of water

with more than 8



for many species

in critical danger

of extinction

A place to

observe and study

tropical dry forest


Innovative project with great social

and environmental value





Adopt a tree
in critical danger of extinction
in our Reserve.

Pledge for life. Adopt a tree in our Reserve and contribute to recover the Tropical Dry Forest in Colombia.

0 Trees planted
0 Collected
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Mission and Vision

  • Mission

    To protect and increase Tropical Dry Forest ecosystems through environmental education, scientific research, and sustainable development
  • Conservation

    Conserve, protect and increase the local biodiversity
  • Sustainable development

    Promote ecotourism in the region and support the local economy
  • Vision

    In 2022, Tananeos Natural Reserve will be a consolidated and self-sustained conservation model creating environmental awareness and opportunities for sustainable livelihoods in local communities
  • Environmental education

    Contribute to the environmental awareness of local communities

  • Research

    Foster research that promotes conservation