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Chrysolampis mosquitusPhoto: José Luis Ropero © 2016BIRDS IN THE RESERVE

of the Tropical Dry Forest


Opportunities for

Photo: Katty Ropero © 2016Los Tananeos Natural ReserveMORE INFORMATION

Guided walks

Explore more than 8km of trails

Photo: Katty Ropero © 2016Exploring the trails of the reserveMORE INFORMATION
Military Macaw


Preserving endangered

Photo: Nick Bayly © 2016Ara militaris

Los Tananeos

A pledge for life

Natural Reserve


with more than 8

of water

A wealth

Adopt a tree.
The best gift for nature.



Come visit Natural Reserve Los Tananeos


The threatened tropical dry forest of Natural Reserve Los Tananeos is home to over 200 birds, including endemic and vulnerable species.

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Adopt a tree

It is a gift that lasts and which year after year will grow stronger, providing food and shelter to the wildlife that inhabits the tropical dry forest.

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Guided Walks

Guided walks Natural Reserve Los Tananeos
Come and enjoy a walk through the tropical dry forest and discover waterfalls, an incredible diversity of trees, birds, tropical flowers, and fauna.

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I was enormously impressed with the potential of this reserve. Tananeos contains a remarkable array of birds and plants and consists of a mix of a regional/original growth riparian forest trees and dry and semi-humid original and secondary habitats.

Few large urban areas have such as wonderful natural area so close at hand. Tanaeos has the potential to be important for education, local and international ecotourism, and to provide considerable economic benefit to the surrounding community.

Steve Hilty
Ornithologist, senior author of ¨A Guide to the Birds of Colombia¨

We recommend birding at Tananeos Natural Reserve where you can observe birds in the foothills of the Serranía Del Perija, 140 hectares of Tropical Dry Forest, with more than 200 species of Birds. Some of the highlights are the Swallow Tanager, Lance tailed Manakin, Scaled Piculet, and the Golden Winged Sparrow

Gabriel Utria
Ornitohologist, international guide, and manager of Birding Santa Marta

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Pledge for life. Adopt a tree in our Reserve and contribute to recover the Tropical Dry Forest in Colombia.

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Mission and Vision

  • Mission

    To protect and increase Tropical Dry Forest ecosystems through environmental education, scientific research, and sustainable development
  • Conservation

    Conserve, protect and increase the local biodiversity
  • Sustainable development

    Promote ecotourism in the region and support the local economy
  • Vision

    In 2022, Tananeos Natural Reserve will be a consolidated and self-sustained conservation model creating environmental awareness and opportunities for sustainable livelihoods in local communities
  • Environmental education

    Contribute to the environmental awareness of local communities

  • Research

    Foster research that promotes conservation

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