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Natural Reserve Los Tananeos is a protected area of 140 hectares in the department of Cesar, Colombia. Located in the foothills of the Serranía del Perijá, the Reserve provides a paradise of tranquility for the conservation of fauna and flora of the endangered Tropical Dry Forest ecosystem.

Our reserve is managed by the nonprofit organization “Fundación Reserva Natural Los Tananeos” which has as a main objective the protection and conservation of the local natural heritage through environmental education, research and ecotourism.

The privileged climate of 26-28 degrees makes the Natural Reserve a relatively fresh destination in the region, ideal for organizing specific day trips or stays of several days. The Reserve is a perfect spot for bird watching, walks in amazing nature, research and other environmental activities.

Water is a characteristic element of the Reserve. The Manaure river, a variety of waterfalls, natural pools and streams give life to its´ abundantly rich and dense vegetation.

The great diversity of fauna, such as tropical birds (over 200 species) and mammals (flying squirrels, bats, monkeys) make the Reserve an ideal place to discover the Tropical Dry Forest ecosystem.

The Reserve is also home to a variety of magnificent and endangered trees. Enormous Purple Heart trees, Ceibas, Caracolíes, Cedar, Laurel, and Willow trees, are some of the species you will discover while walking on the trails. The Reserve is named after the endangered Purple Heart tree, or Tananeos, known and appreciated for its hardness and the intense purple colour of it´s wood.

A fully paved road allows for easy access of about 30 minutes from Valledupar, a large city served by numerous daily flights within Colombia as well as a variety of ground transport options.

These unique characteristics make the Reserve a remarkable place in the eco-touristic map of Colombia, worth to visit.


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