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the threatened tropical dry forest

you help protect

When you adopt a tree

Adopt a tree as a gift on a special occasion, in memory of a loved one, or as a corporate gift

It is a gift that lasts and which year after year will grow stronger, providing food and shelter to the wildlife that inhabits the tropical dry forest. It is also a gift for future generations, who will be able to enjoy the shadow of these beautiful giants with their loved ones.

Adopt a tree as a gift for someone special

A tree is a gift of life for any special occasion, such as a birthday, anniversary, wedding, birth, or graduation.
With this gift you show your affection for the person who receives it, while taking care of nature.
Living through the centuries, trees are the root of life on our planet.
Adopt Trees

Adopt a tree in memory of a loved one

Adopting a tree is a significant perennial detail that reflects the love and respect for those who left and at the same time is a renewal of life.
It is the best way to express your feeling of condolences and support for the family that has lost a loved one, while contributing to the recovery of the tropical dry forest in Colombia.
Adopt Trees

Adopt a tree as a company for a sustainable future

Adopting a tree as a corporate gift is a unique way of manifesting your company’s environmental responsibility.
This gift, in addition to reflecting the values of your company, helps to strengthen relationships with your customers and employees.
With each adoption you will receive a certificate in which we can include your company logo. 

Adopt Trees

The trees that you adopt in Natural Reserve Los Tananeos are native and vulnerable trees that are part of an assisted regeneration program which aims to recover wildlife habitat in the tropical dry forest ecosystem in Colombia.

With each adoption you make, we will send you a digital certificate that you can print or send by email to the person to whom you are giving the gift or to the relatives of the person you are commemorating. You can include the necessary data for your card and your personalized message in the “Additional Information” box duringh the purchase process.

Adopting a tree in Natural Reserve Los Tananeos includes:

  • Maintenance and care of the adopted trees for one year.

  • A digital certificate for the adopted trees.

  • Donation certificate for tax deduction upon request.

  • Photograph of the adopted tree.

  • Tree info: species, dimensions, GPS location.

  • Invitation to the open house to visit your adopted tree once a year. *

* The visit to Natural Reserve Los Tananeos does not have any cost of entry or guidance. Tree sponsors only need to purchase an accident insurance for 1 day. All information will be sent via email.