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Bioconstruction is the respect for nature while promoting health and wellness when building. It is based on the use of local and natural materials where possible.

We are committed to apply Bioconstruction criteria in all installations in the Reserve.  However there is a lack of knowledge and ecological materials in the area, which makes it more challenging.  To overcome these challenges we are researching about the use of ecological building materials in alliance with local universities and promoting participative courses about sustainable and green building techniques.

In 2013 the “Green Building, eco-architecture, bioclimatic, ecological water management and renewable energy course” in which 40 students from local universities participated, was conducted and certified by the Spanish Green Building Association.

If you are have any experience in Bioconstruction or ecological materials and you want to share your experience and contribute to protect the tropical dry forests with your knowledge, please contact us.  We will be very happy to explore ways of sharing your valuable knowledge with the community.

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