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Your donations help us preserve the Tropical Dry Forest and support our environmental education and conservation activities.

Adopt trees

Adopt one or more native Tropical Dry Forest trees for yourself,
or as a gift for someone very special.

Adopt Trees

One-time donation

The donations we receive allow us to carry out different campaigns and projects in favor of the conservation of the Tropical Dry Forest.

One-time donation

Monthly donation

Together we can make the difference. With your continued support we can protect more vulnerable species in the Tropical Dry Forest.

Contact us for more information


What we do with your donations

Your donation will contribute to:

– Finance the rangers we need to protect the Reserve
– Finance the planting of more trees and the regeneration of the forest
– Help develop and execute the research programs of the Tropical Dry Forest in the Reserve
– Help create environmental awareness in communities
near the Reserve

Donor benefits

Your support is vital to our conservation work in the Tropical Dry Forest.
In addition, with your contribution you have access to benefits such as:

– Tax deductions
– Free access to the Reserve
– Discounts on our guided tours, courses, environmental activities and workshops organized by the Reserve
– CO2 emissions compensation

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