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Environmental education



one master

Choose only

-Albert Einstein

everything better.

you will understand

and then

Look deep into nature

Connecting people to nature

-Frank Lloyd Wright

It will never fail you.

stay close to nature.

love nature,

Study nature,

Connecting to our natural heritage

We believe in the power of change and in the need of raising awareness within local communities to protect the Tropical Dry Forest.  We are committed to promoting positive changes and a sustainable attitude within the community
Our environmental education program aims to help the community to reconnect with their natural heritage and to inspire them with a sense of ownership of their environment, which has become lost over time. This reconnection with the environment is intended to cultivate the idea that our forests are a source for sustainable livelihoods and a natural asset to be treasured and kept safe for future generations.
The many ways in which the Tropical Dry Forest shows a beneficial impact on our lives is experienced first hand by children and adults during our workshops with the communities, guided tours to visitors, Forest Guardians Activities, and awareness programs.

Environmental activities

Creating awareness and give opportunities to local communities and visitors to explore the biodiversity of the tropical dry forest, emphasizing vulnerable and endangered species

Guardians of the Forest

We are a group of children and adults that love nature and are engaged in learning, caring for and preserving our natural heritage. We plant trees, clean forests and water resources, collect seeds….

Citizen science

“Science together”

 This programme aims
to involve and connect people of all ages in scientific research, helping conservation initiatives and providing more in-depth knowledge about our local ecosystems.

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