Guardians of the Forest

Guardians of the Forest

We are a group of children and adults that love nature and are engaged in learning, caring for and preserving our natural heritage.  

We believe that:

  • Our efforts can contribute to protect the Tropical Dry Forest and make people understand the benefits that this ecosystem offers to our lives.
  • Involve people from the community and beyond in educational creative and artistic actions promotes environmental awareness and fosters respectful attitudes towards nature.
  • Working together for the protection of our natural heritage is a great tool to reach reconciliation and peace in our country.

This is why we organise action days with the community to plant trees, clean forests and water resources, collect seeds and learn about ecosystems and biodiversity of our region.

As Guardians of the Forest, we accumulate eco-points by participating and organising action days and environmental activities. Eco points can be exchanged for material and equipment that helps them to explore, understand and preserve nature, such as flasks, boots, hats, raincoats, magnifying glasses, compasses, binoculars…..