Guided Walks

-John Muir

than he seeks

one receives far more

In every walk with nature

-Leonardo da Vinci

of all nature

Water is the driving force

-Vincent van Gogh

you will find beauty everywhere

If you truly love nature,

-George Santayana

for those who listen

The earth has music

-Maya Angelou

because it has a song

it sings

because it has an answer,

A bird doesn't sing

Guided Walks

Los Manantiales, Los Cedros, Palo Araña, La Caracola, Camino a la Cascada are some of the trails that run through our Reserve. We currently have over 8 kilometres of hiking trails, some of them easily accessible and relatively flat.

Come and enjoy a walk through the tropical dry forest and discover waterfalls, an incredible diversity of trees, birds, tropical flowers, and fauna. Feel the emotion of being surrounded by the harmonious and particular sound of nature.

Do not forget to bring your binoculars to observe some of our 200 bird species.

The walks have a duration of approximately two hours. During the walk, you will be accompanied by an experienced local guide. Please make your reservation at least 48 hours in advance.


  • Duration:  2 hours.
  • Group size: Minimum 2, maximum 8 participants.
  • Recommendations: It is advisable to wear long pants, hiking shoes, hat and raincoat (in the rainy season).
  • Do not forget to bring binoculars, camera and insect repellent.

Please reserve guided walks at least one day in advance.


  • Springs, waterfalls and Manaure River.
  • Endangered tree species such as: Purple heart ¨Tananeos¨ (Peltogyne Purpurea), Cedrela odorata,  ¨ Verawood¨ (Burnesia arborea).
  • Possibility to encounter blue Morpho Butterflies as well as Green Macaws, Hummingbirds and Howler Monkeys in their natural habitat.
  • Cacao trees, different types of orchids and native flowers.