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29 Wild Animals return to freedom in Los Tananeos Nature Reserve

On February 23rd we had the honor of receiving new inhabitants in the forests of the Reserve through a massive release of wild species carried out by Corpocesar and the Attention Center and Valuation of Fauna and Wild Flora CAVFFS.

We welcome a herd of nine white-faced monkeys (Cebus albifrons), two ocelots (Leopardus pardalis), 10 rococoyos (Chelonoidis Carbonaria), two cardoneros parrots (Forpus passerinus), three real parrots (Amazona ochrocephala), a papaya tree (Saltator coerulescens), a canary (Sicalis flaveola), a toche (Icterus nigrogularis) and a red-headed toche (Icterus auricapillus).

These animals were rescued from trafficking and illegal possession and subsequently rehabilitated for several months at the Cesar Wildlife Care Center, until they were ready to return to their natural habitat.

We want to invite the community to help reduce the trade and illegal possession of wild animals. We do not allow their captivity. Wild animals are not pets. Let them live in freedom. You can make the voluntary delivery of these species by contacting the local environmental authorities (Corpocesar in Cesar).

Protecting environmental heritage and natural wealth is everyone's commitment.


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