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Adopting a tree is a simple, yet effective way to help us preserve the Tropical Dry Forest.

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Help us preserve the Tropical Dry Forest and support our efforts to empower the community to conserve their natural heritage. You can choose from single or regular donations or donate goods or services.

You can donate by making a bank transfer to the following account:

Fundación Reserva natural Los Tananeos
Account 52499883374
Bank: Bancolombia

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Why support us

  • The Tropical Dry Forest is the most endangered tropical ecosystem on the planet. Almost 100% has been deforested!

    Tropical Dry Forests have been destroyed for timber and mineral extraction and commercial farming. Their destruction negatively impacts the communities that depend on these forests and causes the extinction of many species specific to this ecosystem.

    In Colombia, less than 5% of the natural vegetation of these forests still exists. We want to contribute protecting what’s left and even try to make the Tropical Dry Forest grow.

  • The importance of Tropical Dry Forests

    These bio-diverse ecosystems are extremely resistant to weather fluctuations due to climate change. They are also the first forest ecosystem on the Colombian Caribbean coast that provides a resting place, food, and shelter to millions of migratory birds of over 60 species that land on the coast after their trip crossing the Caribbean Sea.

    Tropical plants are the source for numerous life-saving medicines, making the Tropical Dry Forests a true nature’s medicine cabinet. And because the majority of plants still unknown to science, future scientific discoveries are at stake with each acre that is deforested.

  • About the Tananeos Natural Reserve Foundation

    We are managing the protected area since 2010, creating a sustainable conservation project which can serve as a model that can be replicated by landowners and the community in our region.

    We contribute to the protection and rebound of endangered species while providing environmental education and opportunities for sustainable livelihoods to the community.

    We operate with transparency and integrity and no intermediaries, so we can ensure that 100% of all project donations are spent directly on conservation efforts.