Adopt a Tree

$ 45,000.00COP

  • USD: USD$12.93COP

Select your preferred currency for a price indication in Dollars or Euros. Your donation will be charged in Colombian pesos.

Giving a tree to a person has a special meaning. It is a gift with which you help the environment and show your love for nature in a different way. Giving nature is something that expresses a lot about a person.

When you adopt a tree as a gift, we will send you a certificate that includes the name of the person to whom you make the gift, a message if you wish and the number of trees you are adopting as a present. This document is what you can give to the person you want to make this special present to. Write the necessary data for the certificate in the box “Additional Information” when you finish the adoption process.

We will take care of protecting the adopted trees in the tropical dry forest in Colombia for one year to guarantee their survival.
Being vulnerable or endangered species, these trees are a great contribution to the protection of tropical dry forests.