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Chrysolampis mosquitus Ruby-topaz Hummingbird Colibrí rubítopacio

Birds of the Reserve

Colombia is the country of birds

Our country ranks1st in the world in bird diversity with 1.954 registered species, of which 
297 bird species have been registered in our Reserve
, representing 15% of the total for Colombia.

Come birdwatching in our Reserve

And enjoy an unforgettable experience in the Serranía del Perijá,

one of the least explored areas in Colombia...where there is still much to discover.

Special birds in our Reserve

Ara Militaris (by Toni Hisgett).jpg

Military Macaw

In danger of extinction

Ara militaris

Tony Hisgett

All birds registered in the Reserve

Empidonax virescens

Edward Plumer

Empidonax virescens

Acadian Flycatcher

Atrapamoscas verdoso

Icterus galbula

Gary Mueller

Icterus galbula

Baltimore Oriole

Turpial de Baltimore

Falco sparverius

Dorian Anderson

Falco sparverius

American Kestrel

Cernícalo americano/Gavilan

Coereba flaveola

Don Danko

Coereba flaveola


Mielero común

Setophaga ruticilla

Becky Matsubara

Setophaga ruticilla

American Redstart

Candelita Migratoria

Threnetes ruckeri

Carlos Ulate

Threnetes ruckeri

Band-tailed Barbthroat

Tucuso barbado

Myadestes ralloides

Fabrice Schmitt

Myadestes ralloides

Andean Solitaire

Solitario andino

Penelope argyrotis

David M. Bell

Penelope argyrotis

Band-tailed Guan

Pava canosa

No trees, No birds

Help us protect the forest where hundreds of incredible bird species live

Katty Ropero

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