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Los Tananeos Nature Reserve

A Pledge for Life 

Inspire Producer

Perijá Mountain Range | Cesar | Colombia

Protecting the Tropical Dry Forest

Stilpnia cyanoptera - Illustration by Alice Miriam Lohmöller

One of the most biodiverse and most
threatened ecosystems on the planet

You can also contribute
Adopta un árbol en la reserva natural Los Tananeos


Adopt a tree

A contribution to life, a gift for someone you love, to celebrate a special moment or to honor the memory of someone who left us.

Join us in protecting the habitat of a wide variety of crucially important plants,
wild animals and microorganisms.

Make a difference
Casacada Reserva Natural Los Tananeos

Corporate commitment

Increasingly people choose and value companies that are committed to protect and care for the planet.


We invite businesses and entrepreneurs  to join our forest conservation program by adopting trees or square meters of forest as corporate gifts, or organise team activities in nature, all of which  can strengthen the relationships with your employees and customers.



Contribute to the  protection of

the Tropical Dry Forest while exploring its beauty

and enjoy one of these experiences in our Reserve


Come and visit us

35476739_ by Rodrio Gaviria.jpg

Rodrigo Gavira


Immerse yourself in nature and enjoy a guided tour in this bird sanctuary, with more than 297 bird species identified to date.

_INS6730 by Inspira Productora.jpg


Guided walking tour

Enjoy a guided walk through the tropical forest and get inspired by the magnificent ancient trees, the beatiful bird songs and the sounds of the river and waterfalls.

Estudiantes de ingeniería Ambiental .jpeg

Environmental education

When the forest is the teacher...

Experiences that connect young people with nature and teach, inspire and benefit children and adolescents of the the community.


Steve Hilty

I was greatly impressed by the potential of this Reserve. Tananeos is a lowland Reserve that contains a remarkable variety of birds and plants and consists of a mixture of original growth riparian forest trees and secondary dry and semi-humid habitats.

Steve Hilty
Arremon schlegeli - Illustration by Alice Miriam Lohmöller

Ornithologist, author of the book ¨A Guide to the Birds of Colombia¨

Our history

When I saw this exuberance... and when I saw this waterfall that is comes from the mountain, I was moved... it was love at first sight... and from that moment we made the decision to protect this forest.


José Ropero
Founder of the Reserve

In 2010, we founded the non-profit organization "Fundación Reserva Natural los Tananeos" with the goal of preserving the Tropical Dry Forest, overseeing the Reserve, and constructing a sustainable conservation model rooted in Ecotourism, Research, and Environmental Education.




El bosque Seco Tropical
Bosque Seco Tropical - Reserva Natural Los Tananeos

Katty Wardrobe

The Tropical Dry Forest

We protect an extremely vulnerable ecosystem that is in danger of disappearing. In Colombia, only 9% of Tropical Dry Forests remain and many species that inhabit it are on the verge of extinction.


Its main threat is the destruction and fragmentation of their habitats, as a consequence of grazing and livestock farming, burning for crops, soil erosion and urbanization.

This ecosystem is particularly susceptible to degradation because the trees do not grow as fast as in humid tropical forests, so restoration is a much slower process. Hence, the importance and significant contribution of Civil Society Natural Reserves like ours in conservation.

The Tropical Dry Forest, with its extraordinary diversity and its ability to resist up to 5 months of drought followed by several months of intense rain, is an invaluable treasure that must be preserved for future generations. 


Bosque by Inspira Productora

Drop us a note 

If you like what we do or want to participate in our activities, collaborate as a volunteer, or make suggestions, we will be happy to hear your ideas and opinions.


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Collaborating companies and institutions

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We are located a 30 minute drive from Valledupar on the road that connects La Paz and Manaure and leads to the Páramo del Perijá. The access to the Reserve is very easy and there is daily public public transport available from Valledupar between 6:00h. 18:00h.

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